13th-14th February

When the power of love overcomes the love for power, the world will know peace.



NMMUN '19 was adjudged as one of the premier MUN conferences held in 2019 by its attendees. Having the presence of international delegates and participants from different MUNing circuits it stood out as an MUN that has crossed all divides and valleys. In the upcoming edition, we try bring to you a better and smoother session, laden with high octane debates and fruitful discussions.

The Narsee Monjee Model United Nations Conference is an event that is organised annually in the Shirpur Campus of the SVKMs NMIMS Mukesh Patel School of Technology Management and Engineering. The event is organised by the students of this campus to provide the participants with a view as to how the United Nations and the bodies associated with it work.

This year’s edition of the event is essentially the amalgamation of the ideas brought forward by the previous teams who have organised this event. the current team leading the event. and the backbone of the event- our college management. NMMUN has always had a reputation for being solemn and sophisticated. Thus. a tremendous effort is made to ensure that the participants get the feel of an actual council wherein discussions are being conducted at the best level and with proper respect and reverence for both the authorities and the nations being represented.

TSo, as we ensure the very best efforts on our pat to give you the realistic fed of the United Nations along with our partners and sponsors. we hope that you will join us to partake of this grand event in its twelfth edition. We hope to see you there


Meet The Faces

Secretary General

Nandini Shenai

With a deeply rooted interest in International relations, diplomacy and gender studies, Nandini is skilled in research and negotiation. She comes with an experience of over 50 MUNs and a never say never attitude.

Director General

Deepesh Variyani

Passionate about achieving what he set out to, Deepesh Variyani is a true leader who is experienced in many trades which makes him a perfect fit for the position he currently holds.

Chargé d'affaires

Jimit Modi

As a man of few words and larger actions, Jimit Modi is an excellent financial planner. His roots in handling logistics for various events, reaffirm his excellent management skills.

Chief Relations Officer

Siddharth Lilani

Siddharth has a good rapport with the college administration and substantial experience in managing PR. He would do anything he can to pull the conference out of difficult situations.

Deputy Secretary General

Dev Gupta

Finding non-conventional solutions to trivial problems is what Dev is known for, apart from his utmost diligence in any work and substantial Model UN experience as an EB member as well as a delegate.

Deputy Secretary General

Eashwar Mohan

As an enthusiastic debater and a well-researched millennial of the day, Eashwar Mohan strives to fill the shoes of the DSG. He is the most humble and approachable guy of the pack.

Deputy Director General

Dhruvi Desai

With an expertise in delegation services, the meticulous Dhruvi Desai is an important asset for every team that she's a part of. She expects nothing but perfection from everyone on her team.

Deputy Director General

Vedika Daley

With tonnes of experience in handling corporate relations, Vedika is an all-rounder without doubt. There is absolutely nothing she cannot pull off with her ability to win over no-win situations.

Planning & Strategy Head

Neetima Gautam

The witty, smart and unflagging Neetima doesn't know how to panic even in the worst situations of all. She provides the best strategies in times of urgency thereby proving to be an asset.

Planning & Strategy Head

Yash Mehta

The proactive and conscientious Yash Mehta is never shy of taking heavy loads of work onto himself. His work ethic is inspirational not just in planning and strategy but also in marketing and delegation services.


Meet The Backbone




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